Welcome to Husband/Wife Counselors

Colene Sawyer Schlaepfer, MFT, PhD and Fred S. Schlaepfer, MFT, MA

Working as a team we specialize in improving relationships.

Love is what we all want and knowing how to give and receive it does not always come to us naturally. Help is available.

We are a husband and wife team, both licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.  We have focused our training on helping people create healthy relationships.

We can help if you are:

*Couple preparing for a healthy marriage

*Hoping to create a harmonious step family

*Reconnecting as a retired couple

*Resolving problems in a troubled relationship, in a marriage or between family members.

*Single and wanting to choose a healthy relationship

We have twenty plus years experience and specific training in working with these situations. Our style is interactive, with the two of us and the two of you working together to gain new perspective and skills to create love and harmony.

Some of the issues we work with are:

*Learning how to use conflict to create connection.

*Creating healthy ways to recognize what is my domain and what is yours.

*Getting and giving the physical affection you desire.

*Finding ways to share responsibility in specific areas of your lives together.

We can offer you online evaluations, homework assignments, exercises and skills we have learned over the years. We “practice what we preach” so we can also become role models for a healthy relationship. We recognize the power of the bond between members of a couple or a family. This bond can cause pain if it goes awry, and it is the source of great pleasure when it is loving and harmonious.

Our home office is comfortable and private, and keeps our overhead low so we can keep our fees low. Many of our clients are more comfortable working with both a man and a woman therapist. Because there are two of us we can see each of you separately for all or part of a session as needed. Our hours are flexible.

We find our work very satisfying and look forward to meeting you.

Contact us by phoning 916 294-0836 or online at colenephd@gmail.com or fredss294@gmail.com